Summer Camp
July 2022

An Artistic Approach to Science

Lightspeed Theatre Company is proud to announce our first annual summer camp! In this six day camp, children K-8 are invited to learn the five basic scientific principles through movement and storytelling. From learning to form a hypothesis to the final, half-hour long performance, your child will learn critical thinking as well as communication skills necessary to be a success, whatever their path may be.

Classes range one week in July Mon-Sat.

Location: Salt Lake City

Exact location TBA


Creating Claire

Employed as a docent at a natural history museum, nice, middle-aged Claire comes under fire when her tour guide patter deviates from the strict scientific beliefs of her formidable supervisor and heads down a path that espouses intelligent design. Claire's spiritual slant attracts extra visitors, but soon leads to legal action. Creating Claire is a powerful exploration of the supernova that results when science, faith, and politics collide.

Performances TBA