Exciting News to Start 2022

May 11, 2022

Almost a year after opening, we today received our 501(c)3 status federally, meaning that all taxes have been removed from the site as of today. All purchases and funds given are completely tax deductible stretching back to May 18, 2021!

Welcome to LTC's 2022 season!

January 22, 2022

After a brief hiatus due to the holidays, we are back and ready to astound and inspire with a brand new education program for children and teens alike. Details are still being worked out and we are searching for a Director of Education. This program is meant to stimulate the mind through an interactive approach to science education and reinvigorate interest in STEM and scientific literacy.

I am excited to announce our professional production for 2022, "Creating Claire." This production focuses on Claire, a museum tour guide, and her struggle to meld science with religion. More details to come!


From the Artistic Director

December 5, 2021

People knowledgable of what I helped to create kept asking me today if I am disappointed that the Constellations is over.

Yes and no. I am disappointed that I will never work with the same team of artists again. But...

For me, the show is never over. I am already working on the next project, I have a meeting with a business advisor tomorrow, and there is still paperwork to do and appointments to keep. Lightspeed keeps expanding; Lightspeed Theatre Company as well as the universe, and it doesn't stop for anything.

I am currently hard at work obtaining 501(c)3 status as an educational company, not only putting on Broadway level productions like Constellations, but putting on school age productions and classes focused on the melding of science and art.

As Marianne puts it, "You'll still have all our time." All of you who came to see the show will always have our memories; no one can take them away, and we will continue on, with a few surprises along our journey to the stars.

Sound Stories Competition

September 28, 2021

LTC announced on September 28, 2021 that they had completed and submitted a 5-minute audio drama entitled "The Egyptian Tomb" to's "Sound Stories" competition. 

"The Egyptian Tomb" is available for purchase in our shop.


LTC's First Performance Announced

June 2, 2021

LTC today announced that it had secured the rights to Canadian playwrite Nick Payne's experimental play Constellations. It marks the first production for the company since it started in May of 2021. "I am beyond excited," said the company's founder and Artistic Director, Andrew Morrison. "Constellations has been one of my favorite pieces of theatre since I read the script in 2015 and I am excited to have the opportunity to direct it."

A New Theatre Company in Utah

May 20, 2021

Riding the tail end of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lightspeed Theatre Company enters stage right. Operating out of Salt Lake City, Utah, the company itself has no physical location within the state, meaning that productions are staged in rented theatre houses where they are needed most.

Theater Lights